Spielvogel Mystery

Grandma & Grandpa Spielvogel
Grandma & Grandpa Spielvogel circa 1931

The mystery of the Spielvogels has been bugging me for years now.

This picture, one of about 50 old black-and-whites, arrived in an envelope courtesy of an eBay find. From the cryptic legends it was clear the family was from Northern Michigan or perhaps Ontario.  They owned a farm.  The old homestead was in Prescott, and Arley and Lou were likely grandsons.

Spielvogel 2

But who were they?  Grandma appears careworn and a tad frail; Grandpa is evidently a sturdy German farmer, suspenders and all.  Dinner would have been filling and hearty at their table.  Days probably began before dawn and didn’t end until dishes were wiped and put away, cows milked, and chickens fed.

Names are scattered here and there like clues among the images: Uncle Harvey petting his Collie dog in 1923.  Lillian Tuckey in a flapper dress with her ukulele.  Here was Lou kissing Florence and Wayne kissing Elizabeth at Bob-Lo Park on a sunny Sunday, August 11, 1929.  Did they marry?  Did they have kids?  Did Grandma and Grandpa Spielvogel make it to the wedding?

Lillian Tuckey
Lillian Tuckey and her ukelele

I tried several times to find Spielvogel descendants, who would cherish these wonderful images.  But emails went unanswered.  So if you’re a descendant of Lou and Florence, or happen to know where Grandma and Grandpa were buried, please drop a line and let us know!  It would be great to know more about the stories behind these amazing images.